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Jack’s Diary



My name is Jack and I am 14 years old. I’m recording this diary on my i-phone because I can’t write properly yet. Recently I stopped going to school and I am tall for my age so my Mum can’t make me go neither. I hated school. School is like being in a  goldfish bowl. You are watched all the time, directed all the time and if you spend more than a few seconds thinking your own thoughts you get bellowed at by the teachers like that man Winston in that movie 1984 getting shouted at by the telly all the time. The teachers always get the other kids to laugh at you too and make out like you’re stupid or something. I can’t learn stuff the way school wants me to. My brain has other ideas about what it wants to learn. Plus I can’t stand being in a huge crowd of people all the time. Now that I’m home I can chillax with just a couple of my mates who have also dropped out of school. Trouble is the Man says we can’t get jobs until we’re sixteen so we can’t get money to do what we want. They have started stealin’ and stuff. I don’t want to steal though, I want to work and stop being treated like a damn baby.

When I am at home playing my x-box it is like my brain just needed to stop. All that stuff they tried to teach me in school and never letting me think and all the noise made my brain ache deep inside. Playing on the x-box lets my brain escape from that and relax. I’ve noticed that I can read and write enough to chat with my mates online. I think I could learn if I was left alone to just think in my own way and find out stuff. I like surfing the internet and trying to read IMDB. I couldn’t do school maths but I have a game on my x-box that lets you put in equations and it draws the graph. I love that game an’ play it a lot. I am trying to figure out how that works. Here are some of my graphs

plot - Copy

I found a book on maths in my gran’s bookcase. It says 11+ on the front. I am trying to figure it all out and sometimes it  makes sense. My gran gave me her old photo album and I got really interested in my family tree. I have drawn it out on sheets of paper and stuck them together and hung it on my bedroom door. Some days I like to go to the churchyard and find old graves of my ancestors. I love the arches and shapes inside the church, they remind me of the graphs I drew on my x-box….I wonder why that is?

The council and stuff have stopped trying to send me back to school now and I think I would be OK except for this bloke on the internet. He’s a creepy old git and he hates kids who don’t do lessons. He thinks you can’t learn stuff unless someone rams it down your gob an’  he’s trying to get people to say I should go back to school. He wants the council to come and make me. Why does he have to interfere? It’s none of his business. I just wish he’d leave me alone. I saw him the other day prowling up and down my street and took a photo of him on my phone…

childcatcher - Copy


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